Bone Song

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Bone Song is a story telling collective creatively directed and orchestrated by storyteller Jade Moon. Each story is woven with creative responses from a variety of artists, much like a tapestry studded with glittering beads.


"A rich and creative collaboration - thought provoking, evocative and beautifully crafted."

Bone Song tellings are active explorations of fairytales through the creative pathways of word eating, poetic pouring, harmonious vibration of the vocal cords, the plucking of strings, the blowing of wind and the hitting of taught skins.

Singing to the bones of a story much like La Loba of mexican tale...

"She comes to us through sound as well; through music which vibrates the sternum, excites the heart; it comes through drum, the whistle, and the cry. It comes through the written and the spoken word; sometimes a word, a sentence or a poem or a story, is so resonant, so right, it causes us to remember, at least for an instant, what substance we are really made from, and where is our true home"


Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves.



Boe plays a plethora of different instruments including piano, harp and guitar, her voice is self taught, sweet and souful.

 She is most interested in music as an act of re-membering and feels that within the relationship of words meeting melody, spaces and states of being can be transformed.

Boe is Artist in Residence at Union Chapel, voted London's favourite venue.


Susan adds the magic touch of deep delving poetry to any Bone Song telling. Her work is always thoroughly  researched, yet true to the mystique and emotion of the tales she touches.

She is an experienced spoken word artist, happiest when she takes her work from page to stage.


Carolan has an exquistely trained voice, high and clear, she brings delightful harmonies to pieces within the performances. She trained in music at Exeter University, but has been playing since she was 16.


She plays the piano, harp, guitar, ukulele and anything else that has strings.

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