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May Your Dreams Be Your Inspiration Earrings

...with labradorite, fire opal, iolite, topaz and fresh water pearls.

The colours and stones all speak of the misty tones and strange bright flashes of dream land, things half seen, half remembered, but rich in symbolism. Labradorite is often dubbed the dreaming stone; iolite considered a stone of the third eye and awakening; fire opal, to me, because of its obvious connection to fire, symbolises inspiration; and finally the amazing textured and shifting coloured fresh water pearls - the sea - the realm of change and deep emotion often the strongest motivating force for taking inspiration and creating something with it.

​Nymph Speak in Woodland Colours Necklace

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The texture on the pendant on this necklace comes from a special stick that stopped me in my tracks whilst walking the beautiful old hollow-way near my home. Just as i went to step over this stick my foot stopped mid air as i noticed the markings upon it. A series of dots and whirls, that spoke to me, it said stop and pay attention to the messages of trees, they whisper every time the breeze passes through and each tree has something different to say. I dubbed this stick the Nymph Speak stick as i truly felt i had been halted by the cry of a nymph.

This piece has been made from a mould taken of the stick so it features the exact texture of it. It hangs from one of my hand made copper textural rings made with the eldritch elements of nature in mind.

They both hang from a string of many beads. The beads where chosen to echo the colours and textures of the place that this stick was found. I had a wonderful time making it and contrasting rough with smooth, bright with dark, large with small to echo the many things expressed in natures textures and colours and the great variety of visual language in which trees communicate. The beads include turquoise in brown matrix, green jasper; copper, black and light brown wood; rudraksha seeds (tears of shiva - used in Hinduism for prayer necklaces), tiny brown seed beads, and a subtle iridescent blueish green

This necklace is 80cm long and the pendant and ring together hang down at 6.5cm.

The copper elements on this piece are made from Precious Metal Clay - a clay that once fired becomes pure copper. They are handmade and one of a kind.

Caring for Copper

This copper has been treated with a lacquer to help retain patina and shine. However should the copper become dull for some reason, it can be polished with any metal polishing cloth or very fine sand paper.

Copper is a living material that is very responsive to our skin chemistry. I do not apply the lacquer to any of the pieces i wear and have found that they stay shiny from being worn, however everyones skin chemistry is different, and copper reacts to that chemistry, which is one of the wonderful things about it.

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