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May Your Dreams Be Your Inspiration Earrings

...with labradorite, fire opal, iolite, topaz and fresh water pearls.

The colours and stones all speak of the misty tones and strange bright flashes of dream land, things half seen, half remembered, but rich in symbolism. Labradorite is often dubbed the dreaming stone; iolite considered a stone of the third eye and awakening; fire opal, to me, because of its obvious connection to fire, symbolises inspiration; and finally the amazing textured and shifting coloured fresh water pearls - the sea - the realm of change and deep emotion often the strongest motivating force for taking inspiration and creating something with it.

​Silver Eyes for Seers Earrings - with topaz and labradorite.

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Product Details

The designs on these tiny silver triangles depict the eyes of seers, those that see through mists and confusion, down any thread of the web they choose.

The hang from hand made silver chain accented with both spherical and rough labradorite depicting the dreaming - the place where all shrouded truths meet. Between these are two very clear topaz beads - depicting the clarity of the seers vision.

Measurements and Materials

These earrings are 6.5cm long and hang from 2cm sterling silver hoops. The triangles were hand made by myself from PMC silver and are 95% silver. The handmade chain is also sterling silver.

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