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May Your Dreams Be Your Inspiration Earrings

...with labradorite, fire opal, iolite, topaz and fresh water pearls.

The colours and stones all speak of the misty tones and strange bright flashes of dream land, things half seen, half remembered, but rich in symbolism. Labradorite is often dubbed the dreaming stone; iolite considered a stone of the third eye and awakening; fire opal, to me, because of its obvious connection to fire, symbolises inspiration; and finally the amazing textured and shifting coloured fresh water pearls - the sea - the realm of change and deep emotion often the strongest motivating force for taking inspiration and creating something with it.

​Silver Snake Crone Earrings

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According to The Woman Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets the snake was perceived by the ancients as a symbol of eternal life because of its constant sloughing of skins. These silver snakes are crone snakes, bearing the silver colour of our elders hair, and the wisdom of many many skins sloughed, with each one a new piece of understanding acquired. They have been coupled here with beautiful earth and ash coloured jasper beads, cut through with dark lines like the branches of winter trees.

They celebrate the wisdom of crones, old snakes and winter.

Measurements and Materials

These earrings are 7cm long and hang from 2cm sterling silver hoops. The snakes themselves where hand formed by me from PMC silver, now that they are fired the are 95% silver. The wire holding the beads is also sterling silver.

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