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...with labradorite, fire opal, iolite, topaz and fresh water pearls.

The colours and stones all speak of the misty tones and strange bright flashes of dream land, things half seen, half remembered, but rich in symbolism. Labradorite is often dubbed the dreaming stone; iolite considered a stone of the third eye and awakening; fire opal, to me, because of its obvious connection to fire, symbolises inspiration; and finally the amazing textured and shifting coloured fresh water pearls - the sea - the realm of change and deep emotion often the strongest motivating force for taking inspiration and creating something with it.

Ancient Wisdom Owl Necklace

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The exquisite owl on this necklace is painted ceramic and was made by Jill Stoffregen of Fox Paws Beads - if you would like to see more of her wonderful creations you can visit her Etsy shop…

This lovely ancient looking owl spoke to me of wisdom, night vision, being able to see in the shadows, in this case into the shadow of being human. Don’t get me wrong i love my humanity - the mind, the consciousness, the way we think, and feel and speak and share, but only a fool would not recognise how this brightness, which has lead to great innovation, has also come at a price to our earth. This is our shadow, our darkness, next to the shining light of our intelligence and our consciousness. Owl helps when it is time to search in shadow, to hunt down what it is we need to truly see and understand (by eating and owning) what is in our shadow. I have coupled this piece with beads of fossilised mammoth bone, because mammoths historical story in relation to us, can teach us much about our shadow.

Mammoth is an animal that sustained and supported our ancestors through the ice age, with the gift of its life, over and over again. Giving bones for shelter, meat to eat and skins to keep us warm. A magnificent beast thought to have lived in matriarchal societies much like modern elephants.

With science we have built a time machine of sorts that can take us back to ages even before modern humans existed. Mammoth has a message for us from the time in which we coexisted, as we are now discovering that humans, rather than climate change, are responsible for the extinction of much megafauna including Mammoth. This animal that was, in many ways, our saving grace during the ice age was hunted to extinction. Perhaps there is no way that humans of that era could have had a consciousness of sustainable hunting practices the way that we have now - but i feel this message is not for them - it is for us, to understand our own impact.

This necklace is an emblem of awareness, an acknowledgment that there is work for us to do in our collective human shadow, however its message as you can see in its colouring is one of lightness and positivity. May we all, as individuals and as a collective, have the sharp eyes, the light wings and the powerful beak and claws of owl to seek out and own what lives in our shadows.

Measurement and Materials

Also on this piece are other bone beads and tiny hand made clay beads often dubbed African Pearls the necklace is 49cm long and finished with a hand forged hook made from reclaimed electrical wire.

The owl is 5.6cm tall and 1cm wide.

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