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Blessing of the new begin of spring on you all, may this new surging energy fill your veins and bring you joy.

The earth is stirring, the bulbs beneath the ground are testing the air with their green tongues, and i find, no matter how much of  a modern being i am, i cannot help associating spring with hope, as if i hold in my body an ancient memory of the fear and danger of winters cold. I am in truth a lover of winter, but still the joyfulness of spring does not escape me. Blessings on all your new beginnings dear ones, may the auspiciousness of this time heap its blessings upon you all.

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Beautiful Imperfection - Wabi Sabi inspired earrings

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The dangles on these earrings bare the texture of fallen fronds from a tree i have not yet managed to identify, it is a grand and graceful tree standing in the courtyard of an old estate near my home. It has dropped these wonderful fronds elegant in their state of decay and i could not resist picking them up. As they rested here in the studio, in a beautiful bowl they dried and became fragile, during the mould taking process they crumbled and became no more, but how beautiful they were in this process!

I have been deeply inspired lately by the Wabi Sabi philosophy of beauty in impermanence and the aesthetics it draws forth. These earrings are born from that - a fascination with the beauty of what is often perceived as imperfect, unfinished, or beyond the point of perfection and moving into decay. Are we not all in that moving changing state? It is a strange and yet interesting human obsession we have with keeping things just as they are, we seek to preserve so much that at times it results in filling the world with objects that no longer have any use.

I love a dying flower, an unfinished wall, a broken pot, an ancient artefact worn by the ravages of time, so i have coupled these disintegrating fronds with hand made clay artisan beads from Grey Bird Studio, looking as if they are covered in an ancient copper patina.

Measurements and Materials

These earrings hang from handmade copper hoops with sterling silver ear wires made for me by fellow and local artisan Adam Brewster

The hoops are 2cm in diameter and the earrings are 8cm long including the hoops.

The copper elements on this piece are made from Precious Metal Clay - a clay that once fired becomes pure copper. They are handmade and one of a kind.

Caring for Copper

This copper has been treated with a lacquer to help retain patina and shine. However should the copper become dull for some reason, it can be polished with any metal polishing cloth or very fine sand paper.

Copper is a living material that is very responsive to our skin chemistry. I do not apply the lacquer to any of the pieces i wear and have found that they stay shiny from being worn, however everyones skin chemistry is different, and copper reacts to that chemistry, which is one of the wonderful things about it. The lacquer acts as barrier to help retain shine.

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