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Earth Cave Perfectly Imperfect Goddess - goddess necklace

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If you'd like to read the story of how these gorgeous glass goddess beads, that i buy from local artisan Sue Robson, became known as the 'Perfectly Imperfect' goddesses then please visit my public post on my Patreon page which tells the story.

In brief though these beautiful pieces celebrate the abundant differences of body shape we have and the bodies that have been changed through childbirth, age or accident. We are all 'imperfect' to the societal ideal, yet in this we are all also perfect and beautiful.

This particular goddess is pocked and marked as if she has waited in the soil a long time to be excavated, she is the deep cave goddess being unearthed and brought back out into the light.

She hangs from a string of earthy beads which include...

Amber, quartz, jasper, shell, elder wood, agate, bone, glass, copper and brass.

Measurements and Materials

The glass goddess on this piece, including the wire hanging, is 6cm tall and 2cm wide. The strung beads are 84cm long.

The copper elements on this piece are made from Precious Metal Clay - a clay that once fired becomes pure copper. They are handmade and one of a kind.

Caring for Copper

This copper has been treated with a lacquer to help retain patina and shine. However should the copper become dull for some reason, it can be polished with any metal polishing cloth or very fine sand paper.

Copper is a living material that is very responsive to our skin chemistry. I do not apply the lacquer to any of the pieces i wear and have found that they stay shiny from being worn, however everyones skin chemistry is different, and copper reacts to that chemistry, which is one of the wonderful things about it. The lacquer acts as barrier to help retain shine.

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