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Blessing of the new begin of spring on you all, may this new surging energy fill your veins and bring you joy.

The earth is stirring, the bulbs beneath the ground are testing the air with their green tongues, and i find, no matter how much of  a modern being i am, i cannot help associating spring with hope, as if i hold in my body an ancient memory of the fear and danger of winters cold. I am in truth a lover of winter, but still the joyfulness of spring does not escape me. Blessings on all your new beginnings dear ones, may the auspiciousness of this time heap its blessings upon you all.

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We have entered yet another lock down here in the UK, which means i have my son at home, this affects my work time. However i will still do my best to send parcels out the Monday after they are ordered or sooner,

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Snake Bracelets

Becky Falls on Dartmoor here in Devon England.

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