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Witch artist Nomi McLeod and I have been stirring the cauldron together and created these Plant Spirit Bundles...

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Stormy Earth Necklace

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Storm clouds like a rough wool blanket drawn over the sky, the earth quietly waiting for the sweet release of raw rain onto, and into, the soil. A hush as the winds breath is drawn. Now the rain falls and the earth sighs as if her skin is kissed by a lover. Thunder cracks, a spark of wild intelligence, touching the ground here and there, enlivening, speaking in electric charge to the mycelium beneath. The web leaps to life.

After the storm there is quiet, a peacefulness that can only be found in the aftermath of the free flashing energy of a storm.

Measurements and Materials

This necklace brings together the creative bead making of three artisans...

Pandanimal - who made the wonderfully pocked ceramic beads in grey and white.

Grey Bird Boutique - who's artistry is in the turquoise glazed ceramic discs.

And myself - who made the copper beads, each differently textured, three of which are bound with glass seed beads on hemp thread, knots sealed with 'caveman glue' (as my son calls it) - made from pine resin, beeswax and charcoal. The two copper beads on the far end are textured with cave bear bone (40-100,000 years old and found in the Ural mountains in Russia).

The majority of the copper wire on this piece is reclaimed electrical wire.

This necklace is 46cm long.

The copper elements on this piece are made from Precious Metal Clay - a clay that once fired becomes pure copper. They are handmade and one of a kind.

Caring for Copper

This copper has been treated with a lacquer to help retain patina and shine. However should the copper become dull for some reason, it can be polished with any metal polishing cloth or very fine sand paper.

Copper is a living material that is very responsive to our skin chemistry. I do not apply the lacquer to any of the pieces i wear and have found that they stay shiny from being worn, however everyones skin chemistry is different, and copper reacts to that chemistry, which is one of the wonderful things about it. The lacquer acts as barrier to help retain shine.

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Becky Falls on Dartmoor here in Devon England.

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