Death Chant

This chant was written as part of Bone Songs The Story of Skeleton Woman show. Now that the show has finished i sing it when it is time to work in shadow, to remember that darkness can be a friend, and that to look in the dark forests and discover what might be lurking in the depth of our psyches is wise and that to shed old skins is releasing and helps us to grow.

Please feel free to learn this chant and use it for yourself, however if you would like to use it in any other way please check with me first.

Rio Abajo Rio

The title of this chant means 'the river beneath the river', one of the names that Clarissa Pinkola - Estes gives for La Loba in her book Women Who Run with the Wolves. The chant is a call to La Loba with more of these alternative names.

Feel free to learn and use this chant for your own personal use to call La Loba, the remaker of broken things, into your life. However if you would like to use it for any other purpose please check with me first.


in the cauldron...

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At present songs and poems are being developed for our re-imagining of Red Riding Hood and a telling of Vasilisa the Brave.