Online Course - Connecting to
Bone Woman

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Connecting to Bone Woman is a 9 part online course that can be done at your own pace.


It offers a carefully curated experience inspired by the story of Bone Woman. It features beautifully designed web pages for each session; downloadable audios of all the lessons (including mediations and embodiment practices) as well as my own telling of the story and some original poems.


In this course you will work with creativity, guided meditation, embodiment, nature connection and ritual to guide you through an introduction to and connection with Bone Woman - your own medial nature.


It will also guide you through gathering metaphorical bones, those of the soul, to reconnect with lost parts of yourself.

This course is not gender specific.

"It is such a warm, deep and rooted and joyful way into life, with art, songs and poems, and such wonderful ideas to try!"

"I feel like I came home after a very very long time, in myself!"

"Soulful Journey!"

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La Loba - Enchanting The Wild

La Loba - Enchanting the Wild is an evocative mix of poetry, chant and music that both explores and invokes the spirit of La Loba.

La Loba is a collector of bones, a being occupying  the liminal space between human and animal, who, once she has collected all the pieces of an entire skeleton, can sing flesh back on to bones and call spirit to return to the body. She is no less than a remaker of things lost.

Bone Song are no longer performing this piece. Whilst i am busy working on other projects. Susan has turned it into a wonderful one woman show with music and silhouette puppetry. I highly recommend seeing it.

La Loba...

...is still singing.

Listen to a live recording...

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The Story of Skeleton Woman

The Story of Skeleton Woman is a tale that is open, skinless, raw, sensitive, a roller coaster of emotions. A tale of love, death, rebirth and hope. It requires you to bring your fishing rod and seek skeletons at the depths of your soul.

A podcast of the cast of Bone Song, sharing songs and poems, and talking about the story.


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