"When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and steps into the image.”
Ekhart Tolle

Earth Smoke 

Ekhart Tolle

All Earth Smoke pieces are made in my Temple Studio, with a focus on creating potent objects that can be given as special gifts, used as magical tools, or worn as touch stone connectors to your wisdom keepers, inner guides, ancestral memories or land spirits.  I create in the hope that these pieces will serve as physical ode poems to your own wild wisdom, maps to the song lines of your being, ritual tools that help to give your intention direction.

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From the earth comes stone, metal, fossil, bone, and, visible to some, a smoke rises, the spirit of matter. It rises from the inner fire conjured by the maker and tended by the wearer. A magic that has the power to guide, to remind and to give strength.


Creating is a sacred act for me, and the space in which i create i call The Temple Studio, this space, and my own body, are regularly energised with smudging, beautiful scents, drumming, dancing and singing. If you would like to find out more about how i work then you can visit the Temple Studio page of my website, become a follower on Instagram or Facebook or, to have an even more in depth experience, join my Patreon Community.

I am inspired by nature, fairytales, myths, dreams, visions, poetry, novels and interesting conversations. I mostly work by making my own elements from Precious Metal Clay and by using pre-loved beads, bones and other natural treasure. I relish that each piece has it's own story and continued journey to make.

Offerings from the

to commisson 

jewellery, ritual or altar items.



I am  happy to taking on commissions, however to allow space for my own creativity i take no more than 3 a month. Also it is important to give me plenty of time, as i work on a monthly cycle of designing, sculpting, firing, polishing and hanging so it will take a while for your piece to be ready. If you would like to commission something please do feel free to contact me through the contacts page here on the site. I will read your ideas and interact with you before i do any designs, the amount of input you have is up to you. If you have a more fully formed idea of what you would like to create then please let me know as much as you can. However, if all you have is a thread of a fragment of a dream, then i can work with that too. Most of the designs you will see here are made from copper as it is a material i personally love to work with, however it is also possible for me to make your creation in silver. If you are seeking inspiration please look below, on the other pages of the site or perhaps on my Instagram page.

Spirit Bundles

These little pouches contain symbolic pieces chosen as medicine for the wearer. They are sown shut, each stitch binding the elements closely together, closing the spell and sealing it into the bag. These bundles are seed spells woven simply with the elements and the consciousness with which they are chosen and given. Under the receivers attention a relationship can develop with the Spirit Bundles enlivening the elements and kindling the fire of the spell. Like the doll in Vasilisa of the fairytales pocket the piece will require focus and attention until it's work is done.

Commissioned Spirit Bundles can be made one of two ways, either through your request i will choose the elements for its contents, or its creation can include a Bone Reading to help define the direction that this Spirit Bundle will take. These pieces begin at £65 for the bundle.

Hand Sculpted Totems
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Animal Totems

A physical embodiment of your animal spirit.

Some animal spirits walk beside us, some move within our bodies, some speak to us in whispers through stories or poems, through dream and visions. Others visit us in symbols and half heard conversations.


Some animal spirits stay with us for a life time, others only for a few steps on the journey, which ever of these it is, they come with guidance. If it would be your choice to have a wearable talisman of this creature i can work with you to design such a piece.

Designs of this kind begin at £130.


Prayers Carriers where born from a phrase that whispered its way into my mind. "Press your Prayers into the Earth" it said. So i began to contemplate a tool that could do just that, a tool that could be worn as a necklace or tied to your belt. I was influenced by the buddhist Phurbas which are often plunged into the ground to calm restless nature spirits. However, the energy of a Prayer Carrier leans more towards a gently expanding warmth rather than a lightning bolt into the ground.

Prayer Carriers will listen to your whispered prayers and when you press them in to the soil,  they will release them into the earth. Prayer Carriers can also be used as a wand to direct intention. They can be charged and used as touch stones to connect to earth, or even to the energy of a special place it has sat. I'm sure there are more uses, yet to be discovered. How would you use yours?

Prayer Carriers


Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more.

Shamanc Jewellery - Cave Bear Bone
Do you have a special bone, feather or other item that represents an animal that you honour , if you would like it made into something you can wear or use ceremonially i am able to help with that.  
I also have bones that may be used. All of the bones in my studio came to me naturally, none of them have been bought, except the cave bear bones. Also each and every one has been honoured for the life it once was a part of. I found my own way to this practise intuitively, if you would like to learn more about it, please take a look at my patreon page.

Bone Talismans  

Spirits of Place

Bone Talismans

Imperfect Goddess

These beautiful glass goddesses are hand made by Sue Robson, a talented glass artist living locally to me. We have dubbed these the 'imperfect' goddesses for not one of them fits into the media ideal of 'perfect' beauty. Each one calls to mind the goddesses of palaeolithic portable art - rotund, full,

all woman.

Each of these pieces is a collaboration between Sue's imagination and mine. She creates the goddesses and i honour each one with beads and their own personal meaning.

If you would like to commission a piece of this kind please feel free to contact me letting me know if you have any colour, meaning or bead preferences and i will contact Sue to see what she has available, or can make, for your commission. Alternatively if you would simply like one of her gorgeous goddess beads then you can contact her directly here.


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Commissions made in this way vary in price because of the beads chosen so please feel free to contact me if you have a budget and let's see what we can create together. Or have a look in the shop and see if i have any available at the moment.